Screening (Check UP)

Regular health exams and tests can help identify potential health problems early and early diagnosis of such problems enable better treatment outcomes and a healthier, longer life!

Mortality from disease among those over the age of 40 is due to 2 main causes: CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE and CANCER. checkup
Atherosclerosis (which is the accumulation of cholesterol and various other cellular structures on the arterial walls) is an ailment that not only affects heart vessels but also carotid artery that supplies blood to your brain, iliac/femoral arteries that supply blood to your legs, aorta and renal arteries and in many cases the latter locations are affected before the heart vessels. In fact the correlation between the presence of disease in the cardiac and carotid arteries are as high as 90% and the screening of carotid artery is a non-invasive and highly practical procedure. Accordingly, our exclusive check-up package includes Doppler ultrasonography of the carotid and renal arteries, which is a technique that enables examination of the arterial walls to 1/10th of a millimeter and calcium scoring of the heart arteries, which is a very quick and low dose radiating and no-contrast material requiring imaging of the heart with our latest technology 256 slice computer tomography. Thus with this program, fatal diseases such as heart attack, stroke, aortic aneurysms and chronic kidney failure are screened for and future are determined. The second major cause of death is cancer, hence a robust check-up program shall also aim at early diagnosis of the frequent cancers among men and women, which are lung, bladder/prostate and colon among the former and breast, uterus, lung and colon among the latter. During tomography, we scan the entire area between the thyroid and the kidneys, including not only the thorax but also the lymph nodes, liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, bladder and supra-renal glands. For women, mammography and breast ultrasound are included as well as pap-smear testing and for men PSA testing for early diagnosis of prostate cancer. The one part of the body that is not effectively assessed with the tomography is the colon, hence we resort to colonoscopy which is the golden standard for colorectal/gastro-intestinal cancer diagnosis.

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