Hair Implant & Transplant

How is hair transplanted?

Although How is hair transplanted? question has an excessive scope, We will try to answer this question with colloquial language. Aacıbadem hair implant sayfas you would know, hair become thin because of genetic reasons and generally hair on a certain region or at the vertex is completely lost.

Generally, hair follicles are taken from nape of the neck. Those taken hair follicles are separated according to their direction and cleaned. While doing so, the region on which hair transplantation needed is punctured with micromotor in order to transplant small hair follicles. This operation is performed by a micromotor. Differently from other hair transplantation clinics, we have been minimizing the possible infection or complications by using golden point in fue gold method.

acıbadem hair implant sayfa 2Then we start to transplant the hair follicles than previously taken from nape of the neck in to those small punctures one by one. Most significant consideration while transplanting hair on that region is to perform transplantation pursuant to hair direction and hair form of individual. Hair should be transplanted after the determination of hair direction of the patient with an examination. Hair transplantation is an important surgery. It is an esthetic intervention to provide the individual a nice physical appearance. Therefore patient should be %100 pleased with her/his new hair and leave the clinic happy.

Those transplanted hair follicles begin to be lost within 1 week and completely lost afterwards. After that, they start to grow again. You may observe your hair growth in about 3 months according to performance of your hair transplantation center and performed operation. These are the order of operations in hair transplantation and this is how is it done.


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