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Leading provider of health services in Turkey, Acıbadem Healthcare Group offers highest quality diagnosis and treatment in the most comfortable, safe and patient-oriented environments, employing the latest and best medical technologies. With its 15 full-service general hospitals and 7 outpatient clinics, Acıbadem is a team of 2,000 physicians, 3,500 nurses and 6,500 support staff. Consistent growth since the foundation of its first hospital in 1991 has today rendered Acıbadem the best known and most valuable brand in health in Turkey and an internationally recognized and respected name.

Acıbadem is unique in its integrated delivery model, offering services beyond hospitals and outpatient clinics: Acıbadem Project Management designs, constructs and equips turn-key hospital projects in Turkey and abroad. Acıbadem Insurance provides health and life insurance and policy advisory. Acıbadem Mobile provides urgent care, ambulance, home health and telemedicine services. A Plus provides catering, laundry and cleaning services geared specifically for clinical facilities of all sizes. Acıbadem Labmed provides the largest spectrum of laboratory services including genetics, pathology, stem cell, cord blood and food and hygiene. Acıbadem University represents transfer of Acıbadem’s experience in delivery to the academic platform and to training of future generations of healthcare professionals. Fully dedicated to education and training of Turkey’s future generation of health professionals, Acıbadem University boasts the highest rate of scholarship students in the country.

Since 2005, Acıbadem hospitals and medical centers have been accredited by Joint Commission International, a U.S. based and globally accepted accreditation scheme dedicated to setting the quality standards in healthcare. Similarly, Acıbadem Labmed, which is a joint venture with Germany’s leading Dortmund GmbH, has attained the ISO 15189 clinical laboratory accreditation and has become a reference laboratory in acıbademthe region. Centralized pathology laboratories, genetic diagnostic center, stem cell laboratories, cord blood bank and food and hygiene laboratories complement services and enable continuity of care for Acıbadem patients

The health of Turkish sports is entrusted to Acıbadem, which is the health sponsor of the leading football and volleyball teams, national associations and federations and international sports clubs.

Acıbadem has been recognized as a pioneer and “best” on many occasions, some of which include: SuperBrand in 2010, The Eminent Services Award of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey 2010, 32nd Most Valuable Brand in 2010 by Capital Magazine, 81th Best Turkish Company in 2009 by Forbes Magazine, 14th Largest Employer in Turkey by Capital Magazine in 2010 and Best Known Health Brand by Nielsen.

As the first healthcare institution publicly listed in the Istanbul Stock Exchange Acıbadem takes pride in re-investing in Turkey and the healthcare industry. With its unwavering commitment to offering accessible, comprehensive, reliable and highest quality services, Acıbadem continues in its unrelenting efforts as the premier health provider in the region. Acıbadem’s international growth vision is not only limited to serving an increasing number of patients from foreign countries, but runs the gamut from offering clinical and administrative education programs, training cases in collaboration with local physicians, affiliation and co-branding agreements, consulting engagements, outsourcing of reference laboratory, tele-medicine and facilities management services, insurance policy and systems advisory, management partnerships and direct investment opportunities.

Acıbadem is now a part of a larger global network known as IHH. International Healthcare Holdings (IHH) is a joint investment of the Malaysian Khazanah, Japanese Mitsui and Turkish Aydinlar Family, and Acibadem is a part of it since January 2012. It operates a wide network of hospitals and clinics in Malaysia, Singapore, India, China and Brunei, under Parkway, Pantai and Apollo brands and also runs IMU, the International Medical University of Malaysia. Since July 2012, IHH is jointly listed at Kuala Lumpur and Singapore Stock Exchanges and is the second largest healthcare company globally by its market capitalization. IHH has growth plans in Indo-China, South-east Asia as well as Balkans, Ex-Soviet geopgraphy and the Middle East.

Built on 22,000 square meters of covered area, Acıbadem Bodrum Hospital is located in Ortakent (literally “middle town”) and is easily accessible from all around the Bodrum peninsula, including the airport, ports and the marinas. The hospital’s internal spaces reflect the serenity and beauty of Bodrum: high ceilings, inpatient rooms with scenic views of the Aegean coastline, internal gardens, tranquil color and material choices, offering patients an environment most supportive of healing. Comfort and safety of patients are of utmost importance in Acıbadem Bodrum’s smart building, which not only monitors all systems and areas electronically 7/24 but also has a layout that minimizes movement of patients throughout the hospital and a heliport for transfer of
critical cases.

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